slashluv18 (slashluv18) wrote in writerverse,

Challenge: #22: Imaginary Places

Title: Imaginary Places
Challenge Type: Writing
Further Details: Using this site, write your characters into a new setting, either as if they’ve always been in your chosen place, or as if they’ve somehow got placed there and don’t know why. As an alternative, create entirely new characters that already exist in one of these settings :)

Word Count Requirement: 250 words minimum. No maximum.

How to Submit: You may post in wv_library, (make sure to follow the rules, ask a mod if you need help) or to your own journal, as long as the entry is public with the title Challenge #22: Imaginary Places. Reply to your team thread below with the submission form!
Participation Points: 20
Voting (Y/N): N
Sig Tag/Sig Icon: Y, (+1 point)
Due Date/Time July 24th at 11:59pm EST (Time Converter)
Tags: challenge22, challenge: writing

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