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Welcome to Writerverse's Phase 8! This phase will run from September through November. You will find some great challenges over the coming months to push your writing skills and boundaries, and to just have a grand time with!

In addition to the main community (this one), you will have access to a team community- either team_proseor team_poetry. You will also have access to the Writerverse Library where you can post your stories written for the challenges- wv_library (the library has its own rules for posting, so make sure you read them over). And last but not least, there is the wonderful Writerverse Bookclub, which is a social community for the members of both teams to hang out in, wv_bookclub!

As with any community, we do have rules and every member should be familiar with them. They can be found HERE . A review of a couple important ones-

  • Participation is important, please complete at least one challenge every two weeks. If you think that you can't because of a vacation or exams or any other reason, feel free to request a hiatus so that you won't find yourself on the Danger! List.

  • Sig Tags or icons... I know, I know... they don't sound all that important, but the points can add up and in a closely contested challenge, the lack of a sig tag or icon could mean the difference between winning and losing.

  • Posting Your Work- please pay close attention to posting guidelines that are posted in each challenge on where and how you should post your work and entry to the challenge.

  • To your left, you find a few links to places I've mentioned here and others that contain useful information to all members, please check them out!

  • If you have any other questions, comments, or you need to contact a mod, you can reach one of us through Page-A-Mod . Or contact one of us directly- ami_ven, duskblue, llblckraincloud,mihnn, slashluv18, orturnerwolf. Or contact our owner, eska818.

This post will remain stickied for the phase and will be frequently updated to list and link to all current challenges.
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Challenge #02 - Monthly Mini Table of DOOOOOM, due Wednesday, October 30th by 1159 PM EST
Challenge #00a - October Read and Review, due November 2nd by 1159 PM EST
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Challenge # 20 - Weekly Quick Fic #7, due Saturday, October 19th by 1159 PM EST
Challenge #21 - The Drabble Tree, due October 28th by 1159 PM EST
Challenge #22 - What Just Happened? due Thursday, October 24th by 1159 PM EST

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